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There’s no reason why childbirth should be perceived as frightening or dangerous, and yet all over the world that’s exactly what it has become. We have completely forgotten, as a population, how to trust pregnancy and the miracle of birth. 

We place our trust in others to tell us what to do, what is right and wrong and how to deliver our babies. And yet it’s an experience that should belong to us and strengthen our confidence in ourselves and in our ability to give birth.  

Childbirth has become overmedicalized, monetized and interventionist. Obstetric procedures are carried out without the informed consent of the parents, sometimes even when this is not necessary.

Traditional childbirth preparation courses are of little help: they focus on what can go wrong, rather than seeking to encourage, empower and prevent. 

Couples learn to fear the birth process, they feel alone, isolated and lose sight of how to work as a team.

The way the world sees pregnancy is broken… and it’s our mission to change that!

Our vision

We believe deeply in the power of nature and in the ability of women to give birth to humanity. They’ve been doing it since the dawn of time!

Through the Bonapace Method, we want to teach the world to trust in the miracle of pregnancy and birth.

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With a profound desire to make a real difference in the world, we share with you the understanding that birth is a cornerstone of family development. 

We understand that by giving power back to women and families, by providing them with the right information and concrete tools, we can actively contribute to changing the current paradigms surrounding birth. 

For 34 years, the Bonapace Method has been teaching people in over 25 countries how to change the world, one couple at a time, one woman at a time, one birth at a time.

How the Bonapace Method was born

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The Bonapace Method was created in 1989 by Julie Bonapace. Before teaching the Bonapace Method, Julie worked as a divorce mediator for the Quebec Ministry of Justice. 

After seeing a large number of couples break up and observing the habits and behaviours that led them to do so, Julie created a programme to give future parents the tools to help them forge strong bonds during one of the most beautiful moments a family can experience (but also one of the most stressful): the arrival of a new baby.

The Bonapace Method was born out of Julie’s studies on pregnancy, and its practices and traditions in families and cultures around the world, as well as years of scientific research into non-pharmacological pain management as part of her Master’s degree at the Université du Québec in Abitibi-Témiscamingue (UQAT).

Malika Morisset Bonapace, Julie’s daughter and a Doctor of Psychology specialized in perinatal psychiatry, has been applying and teaching the Bonapace Method for over 15 years, and has contributed her own expertise, particularly in terms of alternative approaches to parenting.

Today, the Bonapace method is known internationally in over 25 countries. Tens of thousands of parents have been prepared, either face-to-face or online. 

The book “Trusting Birth With the Bonapace Method : Keys to loving your birth experience,” published by Juniper and republished in 2016, has been translated into 5 languages. It has been read by thousands of parents and perinatal enthusiasts around the world.

The Bonapace Method, what is it, exactly ? 

The Bonapace Method is an innovative birth preparation method. Its aim is to give mothers-to-be, partners, doulas and healthcare professionals the resources and practical tools they need to approach pregnancy, childbirth and the postnatal period with confidence. 

It is a non-pharmacological approach that reduces the need for medical intervention through effective pain management. It provides a better understanding of pain and its role, helps to modulate the perception of pain, and supports physiology before, during and after childbirth.

The Bonapace Method has been enriched with mediation and team-building exercises, as well as prenatal yoga postures to promote awareness of body and mind. Stress management techniques adapted by Julie complete the method.

These different tools are designed to show you how to understand and control emotions, how to naturally redirect pain, how to communicate and work as part of a team, and how to think through the most difficult scenarios and make informed decisions, even in moments of stress.

Man massaging pressure points on pregnant woman's lower back
Couple with their newborn in their arms
Illustration of the pregnancy stages from start to finish

With the Bonapace Method, you’ll discover how to approach each important stage of your baby’s birth with serenity. You’ll be able to (re)connect with your power as a parent and reclaim this wonderful experience.

A recognized childbirth preparation method with solid scientific basis

The Bonapace Method was created on the basis of in-depth, peer-reviewed scientific research into non-pharmacological pain management. 

The Bonapace Method involves the father, or a significant partner, in the use of several pain modulation techniques based on three neurophysiological models of pain modulation: 

  • control of the higher centre of the central nervous system through breathing, relaxation and cognitive structuring ; 
  • the use of non-painful stimuli (massage) as described in the Gate control theory;
  • recruitment of diffuse noxious inhibitory control by hyperstimulation of acupressure trigger points.

A 2013 study to assess the effectiveness of the Bonapace Method in reducing childbirth pain showed that the Bonapace Method reduces childbirth pain by almost 50%, compared with traditional childbirth preparation classes.

Julie is the author of the Canadian guidelines on non-pharmacological approaches to pain relief during labour and birth for the Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Canada (SOGC).

These guidelines must be applied in all Canadian hospitals.

Our values

  • Love
  • Empowerment
  • Transformation
  • Autonomy
  • Sovereignty
  • Integrity
  • Freedom
  • Kindness
  • Sacred
  • Science
  • Connexion to the invisible

The Bonapace Method, is..

A mother-daughter team

The Bonapace method is first and foremost a mother-daughter team! 

Julie Bonapace and Malika Morisset Bonapace, both passionate about birth and perinatal care, bring a broader vision of childbirth through their distinct and complementary skills. 

Julie Bonapace
Julie Bonapace

Researcher in non-pharmacological pain management, family mediator and perinatal trainer, author and creator of the Bonapace Method.

Malika Morisset-Bonapace
Malika Morisset Bonapace

Doctor in psychology specialized in perinatal psychiatry. Trainer of the Bonapace Method for professionals for over 15 years and internationally renowned speaker.

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