The Bonapace Methoda family business  !

Julie Bonapace et Malika Morisset-Bonapace

The Bonapace Method is first and foremost a mother-daughter team, both passionate about the world of birth and perinatal care.

Internationally recognized for their expertise, Julie Bonapace and Malika Morisset Bonapace bring a broader vision of perinatal care through their distinct and complementary skills. 

Together, they teach the Bonapace Method to future parents and childbirth professionals around the world, to promote natural childbirth that respects the physiology of birth. 

It is their life’s mission to pass on this powerful teaching, which has the potential to change the world, one birth at a time, to as many people as possible. 

“We believe deeply in the power of Nature and in the capacity of human beings for growth and self-healing. We know that women have everything they need to give birth with confidence, security and pleasure.

For us, birth is a sacred physiological event that has been part of our genetic makeup for as long as humanity has existed. It’s an opportunity to discover the power of our innate resources.”

Julie and Malika
Our team

The mother-daughter team behind the Bonapace Method

Julie Bonapace

Julie Bonapace

Researcher in non-pharmacological pain management, graduate in science and social work, accredited family mediator and perinatal trainer, author and creator of the Bonapace Method.

In 1989, Julie Bonapace, a researcher specializing in non-pharmacological pain management, created the Bonapace Method, an innovative birth preparation method. 

The aim of this program is to reduce pain during childbirth and give parents and healthcare professionals all the resources and tools they need to approach birth with confidence. 

She then travelled the world for many years, training thousands of healthcare professionals to gain a scientific understanding of the physiology of birth and to teach the method. 

Today, Julie teaches the Bonapace Method to parents and grandparents around the world through our virtual birth and parenting courses.

“Before creating the Bonapace Method, during my work as a family mediator with hundreds of parents in the process of separation, I was deeply touched by the pain of the heart. 

I understood the importance of the father or partner in building the family, and that’s what inspired me to create a couple-centred childbirth preparation program that encourages partner participation.

I’m convinced of the importance of preparing parents during the prenatal phase, so that they become accomplices, can make conscious, free and informed choices, and can create the birth they want.

Pain is the first great fear that has been programmed into women. As a pain lab researcher, I’ve combed through thousands of scientific studies to understand the role of unconventional pain management methods.

In the Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Canada’s Pain Management Clinical Practice Guideline (SOGC, 2018), which I first authored, I demonstrated to the medical community how research supports women’s ability to give birth. 

I developed the Bonapace Method, an approach to teaching pregnant women how to use their endogenous resources (hormonal and neurophysiological) to reduce the pain and intense sensations of childbirth by up to 50%, and thus reduce medical interventions.

I’m an active campaigner for women and families to reclaim birth, and experience childbirth with joy and serenity.

My interest in the invisible dates back to my early childhood, when I tirelessly questioned what I was taught. My insatiable curiosity has enabled me to discover that when we listen to and deeply respect the unobservable through our sensations, we can be guided and have full confidence in life.”

Julie Bonapace

Malika Morisset-Bonapace

Dre Malika Morisset Bonapace

Doctor of Psychology specialized in perinatal psychiatry. Trainer of the Bonapace Method for over 15 years and internationally recognized speaker.

Dr. Malika Morisset Bonapace has been teaching the Bonapace Method since 2008 with her mother Julie, and has enriched it with her own knowledge and experience.

The Bonapace Method has always been part of Malika’s life – in fact, you could say she was born with it, since it was during her pregnancy that Julie developed the method! 

From an early age, the principles of the Bonapace Method, particularly those relating to pain management, have been a great help to her. For example, she has never needed to take painkillers to the dentist!  

Malika takes great pleasure in teaching the Bonapace Method to perinatal professionals and enthusiasts, to support them in changing their practices.

” I’m a doctor of psychology specializing in perinatal psychiatry, with a particular focus on the father’s role in the transition to parenthood. 

I’ve been teaching the Bonapace Method with Julie since I was a young adult, and you could say I’ve taken up the mantle, bringing my own colours to it.

For me, it’s essential to keep alive such a rich teaching, which has the potential to change the world, according to the professionals who have benefited from it.

In fact, I’ve seen the profound effects of the Bonapace Method in the lives of parents over several generations, as well as in the professionals we’ve trained!

It’s my life’s mission to continue to pass on this method, to help professionals and enthusiasts in the perinatal field to support parents more effectively during this fantastic experience that is the birth of a child.

After my own conscious pregnancy, I experienced an orgasmic birth in which I applied ALL the principles taught in the method. This experience really convinced me of Mother Nature’s perfect design and that childbirth is designed to be transformative and powerful.

My experience as a clinical psychologist working with women and my ability to analyze scientific data have made me question the medical and social systems currently in place. The current system does not favour the physiology of birth, and therefore increases the risks.

This is how I discovered alternative approaches that led me to “be” a mother of the new paradigm. 

The practices of skin-to-skin, babywearing, respected fourth trimester, breastfeeding on demand, close-up mothering, attachment-respecting parenting and home education are all part of who I’ve become.”

Malika Morisset Bonapace

Why trust us?

We bring a balanced perspective on birth and parenthood, and are completely free to tell the truth, without stakes or pressure from the medical community or professional bodies. 

Thousands of parents and perinatal professionals testify how the Bonapace Method has enabled them to live their birth project to the full, with joy and security.

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