Birth School

Our simple online program that makes expecting couples into powerhouse parents-to-be.

You’ll Learn:

〉 Proven pain-management techniques

〉 Yoga, to strengthen, relax and align the body

〉 The process of pregnancy, labour and birth

〉 How to make informed and confident decisions

〉 How hormones and intimacy foster ease and pleasure

〉 How to approach childbirth as a team

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Your Pace

Our five-lesson learning plan can be personalized to meet your pace, your needs, and your timeline.

Access Anywhere

Take the course on your desktop, laptop, or tablet, using any browser, anytime.

Interactive Content

Each lesson includes videos, audio, and fun sheets to complete your learning experience.

Face to Face

Boost your learning with certified Bonapace Method coaches and with the program creator, Julie Bonapace.

Proven Results

Learn simple techniques developed and proven to reduce the pain of childbirth by almost 50%.

You’ll get:

⟩ Interactive materials, including audio, video and PDF fun-sheets for each lesson, available for two years after signing up

⟩ 1 hour-long online Master Class with Julie Bonapace, the creator of the Bonapace Method

⟩ A special bundle price on our Coaching service, when purchased in addition to your Birth School enrolment