The Bonapace Method

A childbirth preparation method to experience the birth of your baby with total peace of mind

The Bonapace Method is a birth preparation method that supports the physiology of childbirth and reduces medical intervention by using non-pharmacological pain management techniques. 

We know that women have everything they need to give birth with a sense of trust, safety and pleasure.

For us, giving birth is a physiological and sacred event that has been part of our genetic makeup for as long as humanity has existed. It’s an opportunity to discover the power of our inner resources!

Through the Bonapace Method, we want to show parents, healthcare professionals and birth consultants how to trust in the miracle of birth.

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Mother lying in bed with her baby in her arms and her partner beside them

Childbirth preparation course with the Bonapace Method 

An online course by the method’s creator

Learn how to put into practice simple, scientifically proven methods that reduce pain during childbirth by up to 50% and cut down on medical interventions. 

Obtain all the resources and practical tools you need to give birth naturally and with complete confidence, and transform your couple into informed and conscious parents! 

Why choose the Bonapace Method?

The Bonapace Method is designed to give you the power to choose how you want to experience the birth of your child.

  • It is an innovative childbirth preparation programme that addresses neurophysiology, relationships, emotions and spirituality. 
  • The Bonapace method reduces the painful sensations of childbirth by almost 50%. 
  • It helps prevent the need for medical interventions such as induction, epidurals, synthetic oxytocin, forceps, caesarean sections….
  • It’s the only childbirth preparation programme with practical tools to involve partners and encourages teamwork and co-parenting.
  • It empowers couples as parents and gives them all the tools they need to make decisions in line with their values on the day of the birth, even in stressful situations.
  • The Bonapace Method prepares you for an optimal postnatal period, both psychologically and physically. .
With the Bonapace Method, the power of birth is revealed!

The Bonapace method, is…

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The mother-daughter team behind the Bonapace Method

The Bonapace method is first and foremost a mother-daughter team! 

Julie Bonapace and Malika Morisset Bonapace, both passionate about birth and perinatal care, bring a broader vision of childbirth through their distinct and complementary skills. 

Julie Bonapace
Julie Bonapace

Researcher in non-pharmacological pain management, family mediator and perinatal trainer, author and creator of the Bonapace Method.

Malika Morisset-Bonapace
Malika Morisset Bonapace

Doctor in psychology specialized in perinatal psychiatry. Trainer of the Bonapace Method for professionals for over 15 years and internationally renowned speaker.